From the initial planing and construction of our state of the art facility located in Endwell, NY to the daily operation of Enviro Auto Wash we are leading the green movement by example!

Here are just a few of our Green Efforts!

Green Roof

Our water-retaining sedum plants thrive in direct sunlight, are drought tolerant, and are an unique feature of the facility. They provide an additional 2,000 square feet of green coverage to the lot, which reduces the amount of storm water entering municipal storm collection basins.

Bio Swale

A Bio Swale system along the west side of the building collects and holds storm water. This slows the release of storm water into municipal collection basins. The Bio Swale not only aids in reducing local flooding, but also filters pollutants before they reach local streams and rivers.


Weil-McLain boilers are used to heat the wash bays and concrete aprons. They exceed 96% efficiency, are NYSERDA certifiable, and greatly reduce the amount of natural gas used to heat the facility during the winter months.


Enviro Auto Wash was designed with reduced energy consumption in mind. Thoughtful window placement, southern exposure, and NYSERDA certifiable lighting help reduce electricity demand.

Building Materials

During the design process, we made efforts to choose earth friendly building materials. The building’s modular block construction reduces waste compared with other building materials. The block is made with 1S cement which is a L.E.E.D. certified green product. Recyclable steel panels cover the gable ends. Aluminum soffits and fascia wrap the ends of the wooden roof trusses.

Washing Equipment

State of the art WashWorld washing equipment is water and energy conscious. Variable Frequency Drive motors ensure low demand loads for the drying process. Enviro Auto Wash uses Diamond Shine's Green & Clean wetting agents and foamers. These natural renewable surfactants are corn, coconut and vegetable oil based and help reduce the environmental impact. And on self-serve location enjoy Carolina Pride Performance equipment.

Did you know washing your car in your driveway uses 2 to 3 times the amount of water as our state of the art wash equipment?

There are many environmental advantages to having your vehicle washed professionally. Our WashWorld washing equipment is designed to use only the necessary amount of water when washing your vehicle. The water, chemicals, oil and dirt are properly processed through the sanitary sewer system. Separators in the car wash allow for the proper processing and disposal of most dirt and oil. Driveway washing sends dirt, oil and chemicals into the storm water system unprocessed and into our lakes and tributaries. This has a detrimental effect on our environment and our drinking water supply.